The Wraith is a creature that is either undead or corupted by some force (like the One Ring). Though first created in medival mythology most people know the Wraiths from The Lord of The Rings one of the most famous and amazing pieces of litature of all time. In The Lord of The Rings the Wraiths( known in this book as Ring Wraiths or Nazgûl in their own tounge) were one of the nine kings of men who by their own greed dicedid to take nine of the rings from the evil Lord Sauron and ended up being controlled by its power. Though on earth their faces are terryfing and skeletal in the visions that the Hobbit Frodo see's while he has the One Ring ( created by Sauron to Control all of the rings) they appear demented humans that are weak and sad. They are all powerful but none as powerful as the Witch King of Angmar the leader of the Nazgul. Wraiths also appear in numores books movies and games. They are most commonly found in the game Wizard 101 a moorpg(massivley multi-player online role-playing game) where you play as a Wizard and learn new spells and fight monsters. Many Wraiths appear like the Agony Warith the assiastant to Meowarity the final boss of Marleybone. Also Their is Lord Nightshade of Wizard City the first world in the game. Wraith is also a pet and spell in this game.